Wheel Alignment Service in Newbury

Wheel Alignment – If you are noticing that your vehicle is handling differently it could be that your vehicle’s wheels have become incorrectly aligned.

Wheels can become out of alignment if they have hit potholes in the road, curb stones or are impacted in other ways. Excessive wear to suspension or steering components can also cause problems with wheel alignment.wheel alignment

It is important that wheels are aligned, not only because of giving you and your passengers a more comfortable ride, but because it can cause an issue with the handling and safety of your vehicle. Wheels not aligned properly can also result in your tyres wearing more quickly and thereby make your vehicle less fuel efficient.

To see if your vehicle’s wheels need realigning you could check the tyres for uneven wear and tear, particularly on the outside of the tyre. Here are some indicators:

• Does your vehicle drift to one side even when you think you are steering in a straight line?
• Does the steering wheel seem to vibrate?
• When you are driving in a straight line, is your steering wheel not centred?

At John Roberts Motor Services, we can make that your vehicle is essentially straight and true again so that when you drive it does not pull to one side. Our specialist technicians will re-align your vehicle’s wheels to make sure that the angles are correct again.

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