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Fuel Enhancement Technology for your vehicle

At One Stop Garage, we’ve invested in the latest technology in fuel efficiency to help our customers cut down on emissions. With CGON fuel efficient boxes, we can help our customers find the right balance between running their vehicles, spending less on fuel and decreasing the impact they might have on harmful emissions to the environment.

What is CGON?

CGON technology uses emissions analytics and on-road tests to help vehicles become more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient. The tests conducted with CGON technology help vehicles reduce particulates in the air and is a cheap and efficient way to help car’s run smoothly and more environmentally and cost-efficient.

How does it work?

CGON is a hydrogen technology that creates small amounts of hydrogen on demand. Your vehicle only requires a small amount of hydrogen which is then released and combined with the fuel-air. When this air is then piped into the engine, it helps the combustion process and enhances it to create a more complete burn of the fuel that you put into your engine. This is the key to reducing pollutant particulates and Nox within the air. These systems can reduce particulate matter by 95% in some systems and help to create a better fuel economy and is more environmentally friendly.

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Can it be fit to any model?

Luckily CGON is a kind of technology that has been created affordably. It is priced around the same as any DPF filter cleaning or standard service on a vehicle. Over time, the system can also help to pay back money with advanced fuel efficiency. It can be connected to any petrol, diesel or LPG fuelled the engine of any make and model. Therefore, anyone can benefit from CGON technology.

How long does it take to fit?

A CGON system takes about an hour to fit and can last a lifetime. All it requires is to regularly check the lubricants once every year or 6,000 miles and top it up as required to make sure everything is in working order.

Having problems with your Diesel Particular Filter (DPF)?

If your Diesel vehicle suffers from a regularly clogged DPF, CGON can really help. It not only cleans your existing unit but can help keep it clean for longer. Getting regular filter changes can be costly and over time, Diesel cars can suffer from too much damage and dirt. With a CGON system, you can meet specifications and environmental standards avoiding any potential vehicle tax as well as save yourself money and repairs.

A big MOT fail

Unfortunately, emissions can be a big MOT fail. Previously, finding a solution to emissions problems has proved difficult. With CGON, it helps to reduce emissions and doesn’t impact on your vehicle’s warranty. In addition to this, it can be fitted and guaranteed for 12 months to give you peace of mind and save money on your fuel.

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