4 things to know about premium fuel before you purchase it

Premium fuel – the new trend? There are many trends and new products that we buy into as consumers – whether it’s the latest phone or newest trainers. But there’s one new trend that we’re starting to buy into on a regular basis and that’s premium fuel. These fuels come in both unleaded and diesel … Continued

How to avoid a car breakdown this summer

Nobody wants a breakdown One of the best things about summer is the fact that we all have holidays booked – you’ve put your out of office email on, you’ve packed your suitcase and you’re about to drive off into total relaxation, what could go wrong? Not much, aside from maybe a car breakdown. Sorry … Continued

What to do when your car fails its MOT

My car failed its MOT test. What now? One Stop Service Centre’s guide on MOT test fails   As your MOT test is a legal requirement set by the DVSA, it’s important to know when your MOT test is due and also what you should do if your car fails its MOT. That’s why we’ve … Continued

What are the changes to the new practical driving test?

New Driving Test Changes and what it’s all about Here’s everything you need to know about the new practical driving test by One Stop Service Centre  In the news recently, we’ve been hearing a lot about the new proposed changes to the practical driving test and what it could mean for young people. Some people … Continued