Coolant Change: 3 Key Things to Remember

A coolant tank in a car

A coolant change is very important. The fluid plays a key role in keeping you safe, so it’s vital that you remember to book this routine service. When was the last time you booked one for your car? And are you well informed enough to book one when you need it the most? Whether you’ve booked a coolant change in the past and just need a few reminders or know very little about the service and want to learn the basics, this guide is here to help! Here’s the three most important things to remember about a coolant change.

A coolant change saves you money

Spending a little now saves you a lot in the long run. The main job of coolant is to protect your radiator all year long. In the summer, it prevents it from overheating and, when combined with antifreeze over the winter, it stops it from freezing as well. Without a working radiator, your car will struggle with reduced performance and become susceptible to breakdowns.

And no one wants to spend unnecessary money on an expensive repair when we offer a coolant change for just £48!

Always book at regular intervals

You should incorporate a coolant change into your regular servicing schedule. While your engine doesn’t use a large amount of coolant, the fluid has a finite lifespan like everything else. We recommend booking an appointment every 2 years or 30,000 to 50,000 miles, depending on your yearly mileage and the frequency with which you use your car.

You can’t just book a coolant change every now and then, ignoring it for long periods of time in between. If you do, you could be in for a nasty shock and experience the setbacks of contaminated coolant. So, what should you be on the lookout for?

Your coolant should always look like this – else you need a change!

Healthy coolant is usually green or orange and has nothing floating on the surface. Any other colour isn’t necessarily a bad sign – but if it’s brown and clearly contaminated then you need a coolant change immediately.

Contaminated coolant is your biggest problem, closely followed by an empty coolant reservoir.

It’s important to remember that your engine doesn’t consume coolant like it does oil or fuel. If your reservoir is less than half-full, you should book an appointment immediately as your car might have a leak somewhere in the system.

So, that’s that! Now that we’ve explained the most important aspects of a coolant change, do you need to book one for your car? If you’re a driver in the Newbury area, choose One Stop Service Centre for your next appointment and use our online booking tool today!