Car air conditioning servicing at One Stop Service Centre

Car air conditioning re-gassing, servicing and anti-bacterial treatment in Newbury

One Stop Service Centre provides car air conditioning servicing and repairs in the Newbury area on all makes and models. We provide affordable air conditioning servicing including recharging, cleaning the system and checking for leaks and blockages.

Your car air conditioning unit is used throughout the year. Most people associate air conditioning with trying to make journeys on sweltering summer days more bearable. The chances are, however, that your air conditioning is used just as much during the winter months. This is because it kicks in every time you press the demist button to help clear your windows and windscreen when it mists up on cold and damp days.

Air passing through an air conditioning unit emerges with a much lower humidity than the surrounding air. As a result, an air conditioning unit running at its optimum level will de-mist your vehicle faster and more efficiently, removing the moisture from the air.

The hidden costs of bad air conditioning

A well-maintained air con system will keep you cool in the summer months and stop your car misting up on cold or damp days. A poorly maintained system, on the other hand, will not only perform badly but it will also cost you more money by increasing your fuel economy. Your air conditioning system is powered by your engine. Therefore, a poorly maintained system will have to work much harder to achieve the same goal. It uses the power from your engine, burning a surprisingly noticeable amount of fuel in the process. This is particularly apparent in city driving, where independent tests have shown a fuel economy reduction of up to 20%.

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Various levels of air conditioning servicing and maintenance

At One Stop Service Centre, we can undertake all aspects of air conditioning servicing and maintenance. As well as offering basic re-gassing of your air con system, we can also test for leaks. We do this by using a special tracer dye to check the system. Once we’ve identified any leaks or blockages we can get to work to fix it.

For an ordinary air con service and regas, we’ll empty your system of any remaining refrigerant gas, as well as removing the old oil. We’ll inspect the system for cracks and leaks, adding tracer dye if we feel the system may have a leak. We’ll refill the oil and gas, before checking the operating pressure. Finally. We’ll check your systems cooling ability to check everything is working as it should.

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Our air conditioning regas and servicing options can now be booked online. All you need to do is enter your vehicles registration number and select which service you require. You’ll then see exactly what’s included, as well as an instant price, specific to your vehicle. Don’t let your air conditioning run down, cost you more in fuel and major repairs later down the line. Book now for experienced professionals to take a look and help keep you cool in the summer!

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