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ECU Diagnostic tests for all cars and vans in Newbury

One Stop Service Centre is a fully equipped Newbury garage with the latest tools and technology. This is so that we can get any issues with your car diagnosed fast and most importantly, accurately. Our equipment in our garage uses the latest technology to help us identify car problems. This is so that our team can get them fixed for our customers as quickly and accurately as possible. As a result, we can assess and diagnose issues with virtually all makes and models of cars and small vans. Our engine diagnostics and testing is affordable in the area and gets you back on the road.

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Dashboard warning lights and fault code reading

At One Stop Service Centre, we have the technology to deal with complex systems and complex problems. We know how worrying the sudden appearance of a dashboard warning light can be. Particularly if you rely on your vehicle for work, doing the school run, or simply staying independent. When a light on your dash illuminates, it’s sometimes not entirely clear what it means or why it’s come on. Your dashboard warning lights can indicate a whole host of problems. This can range from serious issues to a simple service light, advising of an upcoming service interval.

We provide full, interim and major servicing for all vans and cars of any make or model. If your car is due a service, you can book online using our 24/7 booking tool. You will also have access to our recommended service schedules and prices tailored to your vehicle. Regular car servicing helps to avoid any warning lights appearing. This is because parts are checked, topped up and replaced when neccessary.

What happens during a diagnostic check

Our fault scanners are attached to your vehicle and our data system so that when the test is run, we can identify and translate the codes created to find the problems within your car. Once we’ve found the problem, our technicians can fix your car in no time, with your approval of the work required.

Getting car problems sorted

If you think you might have an issue with your vehicle, it’s always best to get it checked over by one of our qualified technicians. An issue that might cost a few pounds to fix immediately could end up costing hundreds if it’s allowed to get out of hand. Nearly all parts of your vehicle are linked in some way; if one part is not performing as it should, it can easily cause damage to other components if left untreated. Engine diagnostics can help to solve the problem. We’ll find the location of the issue and get the problem repaired.

Experienced and reliable mechanics in Newbury

We have a wealth of experience from across the motor industry, so no matter what the issue, the chances are we’ve seen it all before. We aim to repair your car as quickly and efficiently as we can, getting your car back to you the same day. When we have your vehicle in for a diagnostic check, we’ll always keep in touch with you every step of the way. We’ll make sure you fully understand what the problem is and make sure we’ve explained all the options and costs, prior to carrying out any work.

Booking for your engine diagnostics online

Our customers can now benefit from our online booking tool, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers can book via our website, viewing MOT due dates, service schedules and prices for each of our services outside of opening hours. If you’re looking to book your MOT, van or car service or repairs including free visual inspection on your vehicle in Newbury.

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