Is Keyless Entry a Dangerous Invention?

Keyless entry has been around for a few years now, offering drivers an easier way of unlocking and driving their cars. With this technology, the key only has to be in the general presence of the car to unlock the doors and start the engine. However, does this mean keyless technology poses a dangerous risk? Can criminals steal our cars quicker or the keys be lost more easily than a traditional car key? Well, because the technology could help our customers’ convenience, we’ve taken a look into some potential dangers and whether they outweigh the technology’s benefits.

Is there a greater risk of theft?

Obviously, there is always the danger of somebody trying to steal your car but, with keyless technology, that risk is higher. This is because the technology makes it easier to steal your car. Thieves can boost the signal from your keys to fool the car into thinking that they’re nearby. This is made much easier if you leave them on the windowsill or anywhere near the wall closest to where you park your car. Once they’re in, the thieves are able to drive away as they just need to press a button rather than turn a key. However, due to the nature of keyless technology, if they switch off the engine, there’s nothing more they can do as the car will know that the keys are nowhere near and refuse to start.

Is there a greater risk of losing the keys?

We’ve all been there – scrabbling around in your pockets or bag for your keys while it’s pouring with rain or you’ve got your hands full. With keyless technology, gone are the days of having to manually unlock the car. Even if they’re buried at the bottom of your bag, your car will still recognise that your keys are nearby and unlock. Unfortunately, this does make it easier for your keys to be scooped up with something else – especially if you’ve put them in a bag that wasn’t yours.

Does the convenience really outweigh the risk?

For many of us, the ability to have hands-free access to our cars is a blessing. Not having to find keys when it’s wet, you’ve got your hands full with shopping or you’re trying to get kids into the car is an incredibly useful thing. And, as the risks can be negated by keeping your keys in a safe place and away from any windows, perhaps keyless technology isn’t something we should fear.

As with everything, there will always be those that prefer a traditional car key but, for convenience alone, you can’t beat keyless technology. Whether it’s worth the risk is up to you but, here at One Stop Service Centre, we’re always willing to try out new technology if it makes our lives easier. At the end of the day, any fault with a keyless car can be fixed just as easily as any other, so don’t hesitate to bring yours into our garage in Newbury. Why not book your next MOT or car service online today?