Are learner driver lessons on the motorway a good thing?

A motorway

Learning to drive is an exciting, nerve-wrecking and freeing process – but does it prepare you for everyday life? When you first pass your test it’s fun to go to your local McDonald’s drive-thru or drive into town. But everyone’s first experience on the motorway is daunting and somewhat confusing as you don’t learn anything before passing your test. However, that’s all just changed as last month, on June 4th, learner drivers were officially allowed to have lessons on the motorway. The only exceptions are that they must be driving a vehicle with dual controls and have an approved instructor with them.

Learning the rules of the motorway

While it sounds somewhat dangerous, motorway lessons are actually a great, progressive idea that will keep us all safer on the road. During the lessons, new drivers will have the opportunity to learn how to join and leave the motorway. They’ll also have the chance to learn how to overtake and use the lanes correctly. Doing this will give learns the chance to become more aware of their surroundings.

Gain confidence

A common mistake made with new drivers is knowing how to drive at the right speed for a long period of time. Being on the motorway will teach learners how to drive at higher speeds than on normal roads. Having this awareness from early on will be able make drivers safer. In motorway lessons, drivers can also expect to put their road sign knowledge into practice. Learners will be able to use the information from their theory tests and apply it to real-life experience. This will equip drivers with the right actions to take after seeing new road signs.

Overall, motorway driving lessons for new drivers are definitely a good thing. It holds drivers accountable and prepares them for real-life situations. Hopefully, it will create a new generation of safer, more confident drivers across the UK.

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