Three reasons why you should book a car service this New Year

Have you made a New Year’s resolution? If you haven’t, it might be worth resolving to look after your car a little better this year. That all starts by booking a car service as soon as possible. If you’re not sure why it’s such a good idea to book a car service, read on. We’ll explain why.

A car service saves on future costs

Vehicle maintenance isn’t as expensive as everyone thinks. Vehicle repairs are what affects your bank balance the most. Preventing these repairs from becoming necessary is one of the main purposes of a car service. Regular investment in your car maintains it much more effectively than leaving it until you notice a problem. Prevention is always better than cure and it’s no different when it comes to vehicles.

You’ll increase the resale value of your car

Many buyers like to see the full-service history of the second-hand car they are purchasing. If you’re able to provide this, you’ll receive a much higher and fairer price, all thanks to the condition of your car. Why? Well, it proves you’ve taken care of the car, so the new owner won’t expect any unnecessary garage bills thanks to poor condition or misuse. Book regular car service appointments and keep the service history update to receive the fairest price for your car when you sell it on.

A car service improves the current condition of your car

This is probably the most important benefit of a car service. Wear and tear occur naturally when you drive, and this wear and tear can easily develop into vehicle faults if you neglect the maintenance of your vehicle. A car service inspects a wide range of components and ensures they’re all in their best possible condition. If we notice anything that could develop into a fault very soon, we’ll let you know and discuss a suitable repair plan with you after your car service.

So, it’s clearly important to book a car service as soon as possible, especially if you haven’t booked one in a while. Why not book one today with One Stop Service Centre in Newbury? We offer online booking to make your life as easy as possible.