Why you should never neglect your Wheel Alignment

A car tyre

Wheel alignment is incredibly important because of how much it affects the way your car drives. If it’s not correctly aligned, even just a little bit, there can be serious consequences. So, why should you keep on top of your alignment and not neglect it?

What is wheel alignment?

First things first, your wheel alignment is the way your car’s wheels coordinate with each other and the central line of your car. They all need to point in the same direction to keep pulling you along the road in a straight line. Clipping a kerb or hitting a deep pothole could damage your wheel alignment as these collisions can knock the wheels off-centre. This will cause specific parts of the tyre to come into contact with the road more than others and will increase your tyre wear.

Incorrect wheel alignment can reduce control

Your tyres are designed to rotate in a perfect circle – if one or more of them are no longer doing that, you will encounter a wide range of problems. One of these is lessened control over your car. Incorrect wheel alignment may cause your car to veer to one side or the other and drift across lanes. Clearly, this is very dangerous, both to you and other drivers.

You might also experience vibrations in the steering wheel if you neglect your wheel alignment. These make it very difficult to keep your car pointing in the direction you want it to and make driving a very stressful experience. As driving should be a joyful pleasure, don’t let incorrect wheel alignment make it a terrifying chore.

You can avoid spiralling costs

Negating your wheel alignment can become very expensive in the long run. Your tyres will need replacing much sooner than they should because of the added wear – at an unnecessary cost to you! If you let your wheels run out of alignment for too long, you’ll use up more fuel as your car has to work so much harder to achieve the same level of performance. Who knows what other damage you might do as well?

Don’t neglect your wheel alignment any longer. Check your tyre wear, especially if you’ve recently hit a kerb or pothole, and be aware of the other danger signs. If you start veering to one side when driving in a straight line or notice strange vibrations in the steering wheel, be sure to book a wheel alignment appointment. It’s a quick and simple service that you can book online today and give you peace of mind about how your wheels interact with the road.